Brett DeWoody

Hi! I'm Brett, the maker of Rural Jobs Scotland. I live in the small village of Aberfeldy, Scotland in Highland Perthshire and am passionate about bringing great jobs to rural areas and helping small businesses attract top talent and grow.

Rural Jobs Scotland's goal is to bring top-tier jobs and top-talent to the highlands, islands, and border regions. Why?

While rural Scotland is an amazing place to live (and visit!), it has a net out-migration of young, skilled people, and lower pay than the national average. As a result, many rural areas are facing a shortage of workers in services essential to making rural communities a great place to live and visit. The talent, skills jobs, and outstanding quality of life are here - but many leave, or don't consider rural Scotland as a place to have a career.

With this in mind, Rural Jobs Scotland aims to:

  • Retain & Attract Talent: Reduce the labour shortage by showcasing great businesses and places to work & live in rural Scotland
  • Attract Employers: Increase career options, job availibility, and average pay by attracting businesses from the UK and beyond to hire remote and hybrid employees living in rural Scotland

To do this Rural Jobs Scotland's first product is a job board focused on roles and locations to work in the highlands, islands and borders of Scotland. This includes 4 types of jobs:

  • Remote: Roles with businesses from the UK and beyond that can be done from anywhere in Scotland Ex. a Graphic Designer working from home 100% for a company located in the UK, US or other country
  • Hybrid: Roles that are primarily done from home, but may require travel to an office on some recurring basis (anywhere from 1x/week to 1x/quarter) Ex. a Digital Marketer working from home in the Highlands, but required to visit an office in Glasgow once-a-month
  • On-site: Roles that primarily require being on-location in an office or place of business Ex. hotel staff, school teachers, care workers, and tour operators who require being on-site
  • Roaming: Roles which require regular travel within an area Ex. an Electrician or Delivery Driver who does call-outs in a region

As part of each job posting we also curate content around various locations in Scotland (and will create content for your area if you post a job) to showcase the many great places to work and live.

If you're hiring: on-site in Scotland, hybrid from an office in Edinburgh, Glasgow or another UK urban center, or remote from another country - Scotland is available for hire! Post a job today.

Need help? Send me a message on Twitter or email and I'll personally help with your job posting or anything else I can to help grow your business.

We're an Open Startup

Rural Jobs Scotland is an Open Startup, which means it embraces transparency and openness by sharing metrics like revenue, number of job posts, traffic and more with everyone. Revenue is verified by Stripe, traffic by Plausible, and uptime by Upptime. View all of our public stats.

This site also contributes 5% of revenue to fund the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, because we want to Keep Scotland Beautiful.

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