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Brett De Woody

Hi! I'm Brett, the maker of Rural Jobs Scotland - a new job board featuring remote, on-site, hybrid and roaming jobs available in rural Scotland. While we scale-up I'm offering a 50% Discount for the first 500 jobs posted on the site. Promote your job (or several) for up to 6-months for the price of a coffee, fueling my efforts to find great talent for you.

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Flexible Job Post Options

£45 £22.5 per 15-Day Cycle


Best for jobs with fixed closing dates, or growing businesses needing a stream of candidates
  • Select a length of time for the job post
  • Pay a fixed amount up-front
  • Job post is promoted every 15 days
  • Advertise for anywhere from 15 days up to 1 year
  • 50% Off with promo code LAUNCHDEAL


Best for jobs needing to be advertised until filled, with the option to close anytime
  • Pay every 15 days for a new cycle
  • Job post is promoted every 15 days
  • No limit on length - anywhere from 15 days to forever
  • Cancel anytime, no advanced notice required
  • 50% Off with promo code LAUNCHDEAL
    (discount expires 6 months after purchase)

We offer free posts for volunteer/unpaid internship roles, and discounts for bootstrapped start-ups like ourselves. If this applies to you, contact us for a discount.

Job Post Process

  1. Complete the Job Post form Takes just a few minutes, and can be edited later through a link I'll send you
  2. Submit payment Pay online after completing the job post, or later by invoice
  3. Get verified A few quick business verifications, typically done within 24 hours
  4. Job Posting goes live Once payment and verification are complete the job posting is live
  5. Let me do the rest I'll create content around your business' location (for on-site/roaming job postings) and get the word out to applicants
Brett De Woody Here to Help: If you have any questions, issues, or suggestions for improvement please email or tweet.

Let's Get Started

We strive for accurate and detailed job posts so applicants know what they're applying for, and you attract high-qualty applicants. Please complete all required fields with as much detail and accuracy as possible.

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About You

This info stays private. I'll send your job post edit link to this email, and use this email if you choose to be invoiced. For faster job post verification, use a company email address that matches your company website domain.

The Business
This will be public as part of your job posting on the website.
The primary industry for the business.
Used to verify the business.
If the business is on Twitter and wants to be mentioned when promoting the job, add the Twitter handle without the @.

The registered address of the business - we'll get to the location of the job later. This address is used for verifying your company and invoicing if you choose to be billed later.

Optional. Helps aid in verifying the business, and is shown on invoices. 9 digits.
Job Role Details
The name of the job role, excluding the name of the business or location of the job. Ex. 'Engineering Geologist', 'Raft Guide', 'iOS Developer', or 'Night Care Worker'. Job posts are limited to one (1), real job and the title should accurately describe the role.
Enter a short intro for the role. Max 150 characters.
If NOT a remote role, enter the primary location of the job where the candidate will need to be present or near. Name of nearest village, town, or city. Ex. Inverness, Peebles, or Stornoway.
Enter at least 4 tags separated by a comma. These tags are used to help job seekers find your job in search results and help your job post show up in various categories. Enter short tags/terms, each separated by comma to describe skills, technologies or other experience you're looking for. Ex: Phone Sales, React, Social Media, Writing, PHC License, etc
The more details the better. Add as much detail as you can to the description - info about your company, the role, additional benefits, the application process, or any other useful info. You will be able to edit this later through a link sent via email.
Optional. Enter an internal ref # for this job post.
Compensation & Benefits

Posting a salary is required, helps your job be seen by more candidates, and receive better applicants. A range is allowed but please be honest and accurate. If the role has a fixed salary or is a fixed-cost project, calculate the annualized pre-tax compensation and enter it as the Minimum Salary.

Annualized, pre-taxed compensation in GBP
Where To Apply

Applicants will be directed to either the Apply URL, or Apply Email, so at least one needs to be completed. If both URL and Email are filled, the Apply URL will be used.

Preferred. Enter the URL for where the candidate can apply.
If used, this email address will be public on the job posting.
Job Post Duration

Job Posts run on 15-day cycles, with a recommended minimum of 2-cycles (30 days). With each new cycle the job will appear as a new job on the site to help increase visibility. Select a specific number of cycles, or Recurring if you want the job to continue renewing every 15 days (with option to cancel anytime).

£45 per 15-day cycle. LAUNCH OFFER: Use LAUNCHDEAL for 50% Off.


VAT Included

Help make Rural Jobs Scotland better. Post any feature suggestions or other feedback about the job posting process and/or this website. Honesty is appreciated and helps deliver better results.

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