Full Stack JavaScript Engineer

Remote job available anywhere in Scotland

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D4H is looking for a top-notch Full Stack JavaScript Engineer to help us evolve our state-of-the-art emergency management platform. This is a great opportunity to join a small tight-knit growing team with an important mission and a meaningful impact on people's lives.

About us

Our software is used in more than 35 countries to help people prepare and respond to any type of emergency, from winter storms to severe floods, from environmental disasters to search and rescue operations, from corporate crises to an airline crash. Our software literaly helps emergency managers and emergency responders to save lives and the environment.

About you and the role

You will be reporting to and working directly with our CTO.

You will contribute to the development of our Incident Management product, which is a real-time, offline-first, completely customizable application (web and mobile) to share and manage information during an incident. This is vital during an emergency, as it provides situational awareness to everyone involved in the response.

You will take ownership of several areas of the codebase and lead the implementation of major new features. For this reason, you must be able to translate high-level requirements and design documents into workable tasks and be able to work independently with little or no supervision. You will take initiatives to continuously improve the implementation, the security and the user experience of the product. You will also contribute to the discussion (and implementation) of new projects and other company wide initiatives.


  • Extensive (5y+) working experience with JavaScript and Node.js
  • Experience with working across the entire application stack, from the database, to the backend, to the frontend


  • Typescript
  • Angular 12+
  • AngularJS 1.x
  • React
  • No-SQL databases
  • Real-time web applications
  • Offline-first applications
  • Mobile development with the Ionic framework
  • CouchDB/PouchDB


  • 22 days of annual leave (+1 day for every year of service up to 30 days)
  • Flexible working hours
  • 100% Healthcare (US residents)
  • Climate Positive (We offset your personal and professional carbon footprint)
  • Annual company retreat

Recruitment process

  • 30 minutes chat to verify if there could be a fit
  • 1 hour technical interview with some short questions specific to the role
  • 1 hour call to cover more advanced technical topics and talk a bit more about the role and the project
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